Establishment of Idara Falahul Banat

It was established on the pattern of Madarasatul Banat and its results are different from schools and colleges’ environment and culture.
Saharanpur is the city of education, training, dawat wa fikr, Islamic culture and civilization and located in between duaaba. It has been rendering unforgettable leading contribution for the Muslim Ummah. This region has always supported all the movements which ever surfaced and led the Ummah well. Still today, there are more than 3 thousand Makatibs and Madaris here. The world is obliged to this region. People of learning and knowledge even toady throng to this place only because of its being a sacred place and a place of education while making outstanding contributions. The need of such a institute was being felt where baby girls may get educated in the Islamic environment and culture, resulting in a benefit to them themselves as well as to the country. This is an established fact that there has been a woman’ hard work, training and duas behind every great man’s success.


  1. Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Muhammad Aslam Sahab(R.A),Principal Kashiful Uloom, Chhutmalpur, Saharanpur
  2. Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Muhammad Nazim Sahab, Nadwi, Raees Al-Mahad-Al Islami, Manakmau, Saharanpur.
  3. Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Irfan Sahab, Khalifa Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Aslam Sahab, Principal Talimul Islam, Khera Mugal, Saharanpur.
  4. Hazrat Maulana Inamullah Raees Al-Mahad-Al Islami, Manakmau, Saharanpur.
  5. Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Akhtar Sahab, Principal Jamia Islamia, Rirhi Tajpura.
  6. Hazrat Dr. Shafeequr Rehman Sahab, Khankah Raipur.
  7. Hazrat Qari Saeed Ahmad Sahab, Principal Madrasa Rahmatullil Aalameen, Tirafwa, Saharanpur.
  8. Hazrat Maulana Jameel Ahmad Sahab, M.L.A, Principal Madrasa Shamsul Uloom, Dhandera, Muzaffar Nagar.
  9. Hazrat Qari Mehtab, Alim of department of Tajweed, Jamia Islamia, Rirhi Tajpura.
  10. Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Ishtiyaq Ahmad Sahab,Faculty of Hadees, Jamia Kashiful Uloom, Chhutmalpur, Saharanpur.
  11. Hazrat Qari Shamshad Sahab, faculty of department of Tajweed, Jamia Kashiful Uloom , Chhutmalpur, Saharanpur.
  12. Hazrat Alhaj Mufti Rashidullah Sahab, Khankah Sarzameen, Deoband
  13. Hazrat Alhaj Qari Muhammad Yunus Sahab, faculty of department of Hifz, Jamia Majahir Uloom, Saharanpur.
  14. Hazrat Alhaj Qari Muhammad Tahir Hassan Sahab, Muharrir Matbakh, Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur and Member of this Idara.
  15. Hazrat Alhaj Hafiz Saeed Ahmad Sahab M.A Jamia Sumayya, Kailashpur, Saharanpur.
  16. Hazrat Qari Shamsad Sahab, Emam of Masjid and Khateeb Chah Shari, Gali Farash Khana, Delhi.
  17. Janab Haji Faizul Hassan Faisalabad, Bulandshehar.
  18. Janab Hafiz Muhammad Sajid Sahab, Emam and Khateeb, Masid Ali, Purana Chilkana Adda,, Saharanpur.
  19. Janab Haji Muhammad Nausha Sahab, Purana Chilkana Adda, Saharanpur