By the grace of Allah Almighty, I got a chance to come to Al-Banat on Wednesday, 30 June 2010, corresponding 17 Rajab 1431 Hijri and listened to the children reciting the Holy Quran and Naat as well as their orations.
Masa-Allah, they are educated here well. The institute is imparting education of the Holy Qruan and Deeniyat in a good manner way. 250 girl students are getting education herein upto Arabi third year (Arabi Saom). 14 female teachers are in the service of teaching. May it prosper more and more and its needs may get fulfilled through ghaib!


Near Shaikh Zakaria Masjid, Purana Kalisa Road at a distance of 500 KM from Mazahir Uloom on the north side


The institute has a building having 12 rooms.


Total No. of teachers is 17. And there are 350 students from basic classes up to Miskhkat Sharif. Hindi and English languages from primary class up to junior school are taught in the institute.


Dear brothers in Islam This is your beloved institute located on Kalisa Road and is an real asset for a bright future, keeping in view of its educational, constructive and social services. It solely depends on Allah Almighty. This time, 350 girl students are getting education herein. They are provided free education, training and treatment by the institute itself and runs through you well-wishers and charity-givers.

Leader Person

1. Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Hashim Sahab, Pricipal Kashiful Uloom Chhutmalpur, Saharanpur
2. Hazrat Alhaj Qari Saeed Ahmad Sb. Founder & Principal Madrasa Rahmatul Lil Aalameen & Hudal Lil Aalameen.
3. Hazrat Alhaj Sufi Hafiz Muhammad Irshad Sb Janashen Hafiz Muhammad Yameen Sahab, Khalifa, Hazrat Shah Abdussatar Sahab, Sharanpur
3. Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Muhammad Irshad Sahab, Aqabi Khalifa, Hazrat Alhaj Hafiz Muhammad Yameen Sahab, Dhala Choraha.
4. Hazrat Alhaj Hafizul Qari Aabid Husain Sb (M.A, B.Ed)